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ZEBCOTT Combo Car Care Kit

Original price was: ₨ 2,800.Current price is: ₨ 1,700.

ZEBCOTT  Combo Car Care Kit


1. Power Shampoo
2. Velvet tyre cream




ZEBCOTT Combo Car Care Kit
ZEBCOTT Combo Car Care Kit

Power ShampooVelvet Tire Cream

Combo Car Care Kit

Power Shampoo
Introducing Zebcott’s Power Shampoo, your ultimate solution for a car care regime that radiates cleanliness and shine. Our powerful formula is designed to cut through grime and road residue, leaving your vehicle’s exterior glistening. With Power Shampoo, your car gets the pampering it deserves, making every wash a refreshing experience. Elevate your car care routine with Zebcott’s Power Shampoo and unleash the true potential of a spotless and dazzling finish. Because we believe in turning every car wash into a transformative experience.

Velvet tyre cream
Introducing Zebcott Velvet Tire Cream, your tire protection of choice in the world of car care. Our special formula creates a protective shield that prevents dirt and debris from settling on your tires. With a rich, jet black finish and long-lasting protection, our tire cream not only enhances the look of your car but also ensures longevity. Increase your car’s presence on the road with Zebcott’s Velvet Tire Cream, where style meets functionality and your tires get the royal treatment they deserve. Because when it comes to car care, you have come to the right place in every respect.


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