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Premium Car Care Kit

Original price was: ₨ 6,500.Current price is: ₨ 3,999.

Premium Car Care Kit INCLUDES

1. Power Shampoo

2. Snow Wash

3. Imperial Leather Spray 

4. Instant Dashboard Shiner

5. Crystal Glass Cleaner

6. Velvet Tire Cream

7. Lucid Hard Wax 

8. Wax Applicator Foam

9. Car Cleaning Cloth




Premium Car Care KitMicrofiber towel double sided INSTANT DASHBOARD SHINER (500ml)SNOW WASH (500ml)CRYSTAL GLASS CLEANER (500ml)IMPERIAL LEATHER SPRAY (500ml)Power ShampooVelvet Tire CreamLucid Hard WaxCar Wax ApplicatorElevate your car care game with the Zebcott Premium Car Care Kit – the ultimate collection of essentials to keep your beloved ride in pristine condition. This comprehensive kit includes all the products you need for a complete car care routine, ensuring that every inch of your vehicle shines with perfection.

Power Shampoo and Snow Wash:

Start with a deep and thorough clean using our Power Shampoo and Snow Wash. These formulas cut through grime, leaving your car’s exterior glistening.

Imperial Leather Spray and Instant Dashboard Shiner:

Treat your car’s interior to a luxurious experience. Our Imperial Leather Spray rejuvenates and safeguards your leather surfaces, while the Instant Dashboard Shiner leaves your dashboard looking like new.

Crystal Glass Cleaner:

Achieve streak-free, crystal-clear windows with our specialized glass cleaner. Enjoy optimum visibility and safety on the road.

Velvet Tire Cream:

Ensure your tires look as good as the rest of your car with our Velvet Tire Cream. It not only adds a rich, deep-black finish but also protects against dirt and grime.

Lucid Hard Wax and Wax Applicator Foam:

Seal the deal with our Lucid Hard Wax for a brilliant shine that lasts. The Wax Applicator Foam ensures a smooth and even application.

Car Cleaning Cloth:

Finish the job with our premium Car Cleaning Cloth. It’s soft, absorbent, and perfect for that final touch.

Experience the satisfaction of a professionally detailed car with the Zebcott Premium Car Care Kit. Your vehicle deserves the best, and this kit delivers just that.


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