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1. Power Shampoo

2. Snow Wash

3. Lucid Hard Wax

4. Wax Applicator Foam

5. Crystal Glass Cleaner

6. Velvet Tire Cream

7. Imperial Leather Spray 

8. Instant Dashboard Shiner

9. Wash Mitt Glove and

10. Air Vent Cleaning Brush

11. Microfiber Towel 

12. Car Cleaning Cloth




ULTIMATE CAR CARE KITINSTANT DASHBOARD SHINER (500ml)SNOW WASH (500ml)CRYSTAL GLASS CLEANER (500ml)IMPERIAL LEATHER SPRAY (500ml)Power ShampooVelvet Tire CreamLucid Hard WaxCar Wax ApplicatorMicrofiber towel double sidedcar air vent cleaner brush Car wash MittIntroducing the Zebcott Ultimate Car Care Kit – a 12-in-1 masterpiece designed to transform your car into a shining work of art. This all-inclusive kit covers every aspect of car care, ensuring your vehicle remains in top-notch condition, both inside and out.

Power Shampoo and Snow Wash:

Start with a powerful and effective wash using our Power Shampoo and Snow Wash. They cut through dirt and grime, leaving your car’s exterior spotless and gleaming.

Lucid Hard Wax and Wax Applicator Foam:

Seal the deal with our Lucid Hard Wax, providing a protective, high-gloss finish. The Wax Applicator Foam ensures a smooth and even application.

Crystal Glass Cleaner:

Enjoy crystal-clear visibility with our streak-free glass cleaner, guaranteeing safe travels.

Velvet Tire Cream:

Give your tires the royal treatment with our Velvet Tire Cream. It not only adds a rich, deep-black finish but also offers protection against dirt and grime.

Imperial Leather Spray and Instant Dashboard Shiner:

Spoil your car’s interior with our Imperial Leather Spray for supple, protected surfaces, and the Instant Dashboard Shiner for a showroom-quality finish.

Wash Mitt Glove and Air Vent Cleaning Brush:

Ensure a thorough interior and exterior clean with our Wash Mitt Glove and Air Vent Cleaning Brush, leaving no nook or cranny untouched.

Microfiber Towel and Car Cleaning Cloth:

Our Imported Microfiber Towel and Car Cleaning Cloth are perfect for achieving a lint-free, polished finish.

This Ultimate Car Care Kit by Zebcott redefines car care, providing a complete and convenient solution for the meticulous car owner. Your vehicle will radiate with brilliance, both inside and out, thanks to this comprehensive and high-quality kit.


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