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ZEBCOTT Starter Car Care Kit

Original price was: ₨ 3,500.Current price is: ₨ 2,200.


1. Instant Dashboard Shiner
2. Power Shampoo
3. Lucid Hard Wax
4. Imported Micro Fiber Towel





Starter Car Care Kit

Instant Dashboard Shiner
Introducing the Instant Dashboard Shiner by Zebcott – your go-to solution for a showroom-worthy car interior. Our carefully crafted formula is designed to revitalize your dashboard, leaving it with a protective layer which does not allow dust to settle on it. Say goodbye to dust, fingerprints, and that dull appearance. With Instant Dashboard Shiner, your car’s interior gets the VIP treatment it deserves. Experience car care redefined with Zebcott, because your ride deserves nothing less than perfection.

Power Shampoo
Introducing Zebcott’s Power Shampoo, your ultimate solution for a car care regime that radiates cleanliness and shine. Our powerful formula is designed to cut through grime and road residue, leaving your vehicle’s exterior glistening. With Power Shampoo, your car gets the pampering it deserves, making every wash a refreshing experience. Elevate your car care routine with Zebcott’s Power Shampoo and unleash the true potential of a spotless and dazzling finish. Because we believe in turning every car wash into a transformative experience.

Lucid Hard Wax
Introducing Zebcott’s Lucid Hard Wax, the ultimate luxury treatment for your car. Our special car wax polish formula provides a brilliant, showroom-like shine and a protective layer to keep your vehicle looking pristine. With Lucid Hard Wax, your car isn’t just clean; It’s a masterpiece on wheels. Improve your car care with Zebcott’s Lucid Hard Wax and experience the brilliance of unparalleled quality. Because when it comes to car care, we make your car shine.IMPERIAL LEATHER SPRAY (500ml)Power ShampooLucid Hard Wax


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